Tahno and Korra - known as "Tahnorra" or "Tahnorra" -

The Birth of TahnorraEdit

Tahnorra fans look to the time Tahno is first introduced in "The Spirit of Competition". Korra and Tahno make eye contact from across the restaurant. Bolin warns Korra that Tahno is a "nasty dude" and this statement is confirmed when Tahno offers the Avatar "private lessons" (which many fans take to be blantant sexual harassment).

Moments in the ShowEdit

Characterization in ShipEdit

A lot of fics that take place before Tahno loses his bending involve belligerent sexual tension. Many Tahnorra fans have expressed a desire for Korra to kinkly "punish" Tahno for his bad behavior. Stories and fanart that take place after Tahno lost his bending tend to involve a lot of hurt-comfort and angst. There is also sometimes humorous fanart and fanfics. 

Popular FanfictionEdit

Popular AMVsEdit

  • Kiss with a Fist by marcymarmalade featuring Kiss with a Fist by Florence & The Machine.
  • A song has been circulated on YouTube of a remix of Tahno offering "private lessons" to Korra. It has been used not only in Tahnorra AMVs, but AMVs for other shows as well.

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