Korra and Tarrlok from The Voice in the Night.

Tarrlok and Korra - known as "Korrlok" - is another popular fanon ship, that gained a large fanbase after Tarrlok attempts use gifts or bribes to sway Korra to work on his task Force. Much like Korroh, Lieumon, and Korrsami, Korrlok is a popular fan pairing. Like Amorra, Korrlok can be dark or tender and is driven by the aspect of forgiveness and redemption. It is highly surmised, between fans, that Tarrlok had some level of attraction to Korra and that his gifts were not simply bribes.

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Characterization in ShipEdit

A popular theme for fanfictions to start seems to be around episodes nine through tweleve. This plays into the commenly used theme of forgivness/redemption.

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  • Strings by Lantur is an extremely popular Korrlok fanfiction.

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