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Amon and Korra.

Amon and Korra - known as "Amorra" - is a popular fanon ship - much like Lieumon, Zutara, Tahnorra and many others - enjoyed by a huge fanbase. The driving force behind the pairing is forgiveness, on Korra's part, and redemption, on Amon's part. The pairing is very diverse; from dark and cruel to tender and loving. Though shipped from the beginning, the pairing gained more popularity after Amon "saved" Korra from Tarrlok in episode 9 "Out of the Past." The general inspiration behind the ship is the tension evoked between the heroine and villain.

Moments in the ShowEdit


From The Voice in the Night, episode 4.

While primarily heroine and villain in the show, there are moments that many fans feel there is undeniable tension. Many fans also feel there is an undertone of attraction to some of these more tense moments.

The most notable Amorra moment is during episode 9: Out of the Past. In the previous episode, Korra was kidnapped by Tarrlok and has been held captive in a secret cabin in the woods. After knocking Tarrlok out, Amon orders his Equalists to electrocute the box Korra is in and take her while he takes care of the councilman. Korra hears his orders and prepares, taking the chiblockers and the Lieutenant unaware. While escaping, Korra and Amon come face to face, but Korra escapes. To many fans, the moment when Korra bursts from the cabin and her gaze locks with Amon, there is a heavy sense of sexual tension. It's especially enhanced when it seems as if Amon doesn't even try to catch her.

Characterization in ShipEdit

Pre-finale or post-finale characterization of Amon is generally determined by the writer, artist, or creator of the fanwork. Sometimes, a whole different person - not Noatak - has been created, due to Amon's true identity not being revealed until the finale. Thanks to this, Amon has many incarnations that may or may not be Noatak.

Popular FanfictionEdit

  • The Cave by masksarehot is one of the most popular Amorra fanfictions on May contain NSFW content.
  • The Cave II: Shadows of the City by masksarehot is the sequuel to The Cave. May contain NSFW content.
  • The Code by sunnyontheheights is also a very popular Amorra fanfiction on

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Amon and Korra